Sunday, November 07, 2010

Asian Girl Bands

In the U.S. and England, we have had our share of girl bands throughout the years. But other countries apparently like them, too. Here are some girl bands from Asia.

Girls' Generation "Hoot"

Girls' Generation is a South Korean girl group. The group began a foray into the Japanese music scene in late 2010, with the Japanese remakes of some of their Korean songs.

miss A "Breathe"

miss A is another South Korean girl group.

2NE1 "Can't Nobody"

2NE1, pronounced "to anyone," is a South Korean hip hop/pop girl group.

Four-Mod "Love Love"

Four-Mod (โฟร์-มด) is a Thai pop duo consisting of two girls, Four and Mod, formed in 2005.

China Dolls "Pleng Mah Mah"

China Dolls ไชน่า ดอลส์; is a pop music singing duo from Thailand.

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