Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Goin’ Crazy...From the Heat

It’s summertime, and it’s...too...hot. 87 degrees is too hot for me; I’m going crazy from the heat. So, here’s some videos to fit my mood. :)

Goin' Crazy! - David Lee Roth

I wanna live it up, wanna quit my job,
Tell the boss to go to hell.
I ain't complainin', you do the best with what you got.
I know you're laughin' 'cause it's easy to tell

I'm goin' crazy,
Goin' crazy,
Oo, from the heat.

Yep, me too. The song starts at 2:40 in this video.

Crazy For You - Madonna

Summer nights, and it cools off. Time to think of love.

Swaying room as the music starts
Strangers making the most of the dark
Two by two their bodies become one

I see you through the smoky air
Can't you feel the weight of my stare
You're so close but still a world away
What I'm dying to say, is that

I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
I'm crazy for you, crazy for you

Crazy On You - Heart

Heart gets right to the point.

If we still have time, we might still get by
Every time I think about it, I wanna cry
With bombs and the devil, and the kids keep comin'
No way to breathe easy, no time to be young

But I tell myself that I was doin' all right
There's nothin' left to do at night
But to go crazy on you
Crazy on you
Let me go crazy, crazy on you, oh

Icehouse – Crazy

well, you've gotta be crazy, baby
to want a guy like me
yeah, you've gotta be out of your mind

Aerosmith - Crazy

I go crazy, crazy, baby, I go crazy
You turn it on
Then you're gone
Yeah you drive me
Crazy, crazy, crazy, for you baby
What can I do, honey
I feel like the color blue...

Angie Baby - Helen Reddy

It's so nice to be insane
No one asks you to explain
Radio by your side
Angie baby.

Angie baby
You're a special lady
Living in a world of make believe
Well maybe.

Enjoy your summer! Don't get too hot.

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