Thursday, December 27, 2007

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve

A new year is almost here. A time of beginnings; a time of endings. What are you doing on New Year’s Eve?

It might be a bittersweet reunion with an old lover.

Same Old Lang Syne – Dan Fogelberg

From: debipisces

Taxi – Harry Chapin

From: Lewismadmax

Or maybe you think that you are tired of your old lover, only to discover that you don’t really know them that well after all.

Escape (The PiƱa Colada Song) – Rupert Holmes

From: mikewoo1992

This is a project I had to do for school, we were to arrange pictures to a piece of music.

Or maybe someone new will want to meet you!

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve – Diana Krall

From: fastfocustv

Backed by the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, the Canadian-born vocalist Diana Krall fills up the tempo of the song with holiday cheer. Her sound so intimate that you might swear the sexy singer is crooning exclusively for you at midnight on Christmas Eve. Krall excels with an approach mastered long ago: elegant delivery that gives extra polish to a very familiar global favorite. This segment takes you through a Diane Krall performance of "What Are You Doing New Years Eve". Credits:

But you might find the right person, or at least it will seem that way at first.

Fairytale of New York – The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl

From: rosa1987

After all, it’s just another New Year’s Eve!

It's Just Another New Year's Eve – Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow sings, and Steve & Kayla act it out. I figured out who Steve & Kayla are. They are not Snake Plissken and Barbara Mandrell, they are from Days of Our Lives. No wonder I never heard of them.

From: johnsonlovin

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with the Joker

The Joker has the holiday spirit. Remember “Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg?”

Jingle Bells

From: Zattara93

The entire half hour episode is below.

Christmas with the Joker

From: riolyZero

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Coca Cola Polar Bears

Over the years, Coke has made various Christmas commercials with polar bears in them. I like Coke, and I think these commercials are cute. Enjoy!

Arctic Beach Party

From: Klabin


How do you get the young one to swim? Give him a coke!

From: kesslee


Polar bear befriends a seal.

From: Com2010


They go sledding.

From: Nalatje

Christmas Tree

The kids try to move the Christmas tree, and get help from Dad.

From: hutz13


Trying to catch the moon.

From: Wirkona

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Still More Christmas Songs

Baby It's Cold Outside – Dean Martin

I don’t know who Steve & Kayla are. Steve reminds me of Snake Plissken from Escape From New York. :)

From: stacie65

Steve & Kayla

I'll Be Home for Christmas – Elvis

From: kindhearted1

Winter Wonderland – Johnny Mathis

From: myromeodude123

Christmas Must Be Tonight – The Band

Cute kid.

From: bungalow16

White Christmas – Bing Crosby

From: stephenclarke259

Let it Snow! – Dean Martin

From: SirKnott

"Sights and Sounds of the Season" Part 9 of a 36 part Slide-show video with everyone's favorite Christmas music. The pictures are from around the world just some of the places from the United States are Alaska, California, New York City, New Orleans. The there are those from England, Scotland, Ireland, Fenland, just to name a few. Hope you enjoy the view. Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season...

Christmas Cats

Cats enjoy the holidays, too!

Musashi's Xmas Song

From: musaeri

Christmas Kitty

From: jdmg1

Rascal having some holiday fun. The kitty is fine. But, it was a struggle getting him out of the tree cause he just didn't want to stop having fun. He will kept out of that part of the house when we have to go anywhere. Silly rascal.

A Very Funny Cat Christmas!!!!

From: crazyfoosa2

Even cats are in the holiday mood! Happy Holidays!

Christmas Cats

From: koopatrizzle

My cats love Christmas.

The Star Wars Holiday Special

Originally uploaded by Johnny Dollar

I never watched this when I was young; I think I was busy that night, maybe watching Happy Days, or One Day at a Time. :)

For more information on the special, go to Wikipedia.

If you don’t want to watch the whole show, or you just want to get an idea about what it was about, here it is in five minutes.

The Two-Hour Star Wars Holiday Special in only Five Minutes!


Happy Holidays 2007! The Late Night Explosion is proud to present, from 1978, The two-hour Star Wars Holiday Special cut down to five festive minutes. Happy Life Day!

Here is the “short” version of Star Wars Holiday Special from CommanderCyclops.

Star Wars Holiday Special: Now with subtitled Wookie dialog! Bea Arthur/Harvey Korman/Jefferson Starship free!

This aired once, and only once, in 1978. I added in all those subtitles myself, so try to imagine long scenes of wookies just grunting at each other, plus lots of other time wasters that dragged it out to two hours. You can probably find the full version somewhere on YouTube if you really want to torture yourself.

Star Wars Holiday Special-short version part 1 of 7

Part 2 of 7

Part 3 of 7

Part 4 of 7

Part 5 of 7

Part 6 of 7

Part 7 of 7

If you do want to torture yourself, and see the whole two hours of the special, it is on YouTube. Here is Part 5/10 of the whole special. It includes the song by Jefferson Starship.

From: patimwi.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Christmas Songs

Here are some more Christmas songs. Happy Holidays!

Wham! - Last Christmas

From: jkan4649

Please Come Home for Christmas – The Eagles

From: oceanflower1

Happy Xmas (War is Over) - John Lennon

From: dkyoshi

I Believe In Father Christmas - Greg Lake

From: ClassicXmas

Christmas Day – Dido

From: Sttoeniser

Do They Know It's Christmas – Band Aid

From: tonyjeon

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

From: traitor

Mariah Carey performing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' live at Disney World Christmas Day Parade 2004

White Christmas – Flaming Lips

From: irreversibility

Flaming Lips Live 1999 playing White Christmas.

Christmas At Ground Zero – Weird Al Yankovic

From: DontShootPL

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer - Elmo ‘N Patsy

Dr. Elmo made this in his living room in 1983. It played on MTV for 18+ years. Written by Randy Brooks and performed by Dr. Elmo.

Will It Blend? Christmas Edition

You've probably always wanted to do this, but don't try this at home. It makes a big mess!

Will It Blend? - Nutcrackers (With Nuts)

From: Blendtec

Ever have a nutcracker that just won't crack a nut? This is how you show him who's boss.

Will It Blende - Christmas Tree Bulbs

From: stephengpeddle

Completely overwhelmed, and instant fans of's advertisements for their powerful "Blendtec" blender, we rushed out and spent 80$ on a blender, and things to blend! [Note: Video quality is poor due to fluorescent lighbulbs humming, and zoom lens] Will It Blende is no way associated with Will it Blend.

Merry Christmas from Our Robot Friends

Even robots enjoy the holidays.

Merry Robot Christmas

From: tempusmaster

Robots need Christmas too! Even the Robo-One battle robots in Japan celebrate the Christmas season. These video clips are from the Robo-One Gran Prix Final competition for 2005 held at the IREX-2005 robotics show. For more robot news, information, photos, and videos, see

NXT Christmas Medley

From: organfairy

I modified the right arm on my Alpha Rex robot and fitted it with a set of sleigh-bells. Then it could play the rhythm for this Christmas medley. The songs used are: "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer" by Johnny Marks, "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus" by Tommy Connor, and "Winter Wonderland" by Felix Bernard.

O' Robot Tree

From: littlelostrobot

I was decorating my robot holiday tree and took a few photos - which turned into this little video an hour later. Enjoy!

Robot Sleigh Ride

From: robotmakers

Robotmaker's all analog modular holiday tune. Recorded in one live take, with some prerecorded tracks. The polysynth part uses Kontakt instruments created from modular samples (MOTM GX1 Filters).

Greynautz - Merry Christmas

From: MinhTrinh918

Video by Grey World Wide.

Pug Thrashes Christmas Robot

From: qaedon

My dad and step-mom went to Cancun with me last month. They just mailed me a Chihuahua Robot that sings Christmas songs. My pug dog Brutus was not amused.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Driving in Snow and Ice

Be careful out there. Winter is on the way!

Multi-Car Crash Snow Slide on Ice

From: likehuffman

Who's fault is it?

Icy Intersection

From: thewallbanger

Slippery road in Duluth, MN. 2003.

Sliding Cars in Portland

From: ixeian

Car(s) sliding around helplessly because of the winter condition in Portland, Oregon.

Black Ice Can Be a Real Hazard

From: MelbHusTLA

Tunnel in Russia suffers from black ice on the road, in a particular section a fixed camera picks up plenty of nasty accidents.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Fun Music

So, what do these videos have in common? They’re all about Christmas, they mostly use synthesizer keyboards, and some use stop motion. And they all are fun!

Deck Them Halls

From: Dosswerks

I put a lot of work into programming this rendition of the Mannheim Steamroller version of "Deck The Halls", and I performed this live a couple of years ago on the legendary Casio AZ-1, so I figured I would try to make the best possible version of the performance and cast it into cyberspace. There's a cameo appearance by Thomas Dolby playing the same instrument. Can you spot him?

I Can't Believe it's Christmas

From: GiR2007

James Provan presents...
A stop motion music video about Christmas.

So, I have finished University for Christmas, and I finally had the time to make a new video. No robot voice this time, instead I asked my friend Rachel for help, and she sang in the video! She is a very good singer.

Song was written by me, all of the filming and stop motion, as well as editing was done by me. Rachel helped with some lyrics too =)

Special thanks to my family for putting up with cameras everywhere, and for dancing like idiots =)

"Julebal i Nissebal" - on Two CASIO Toy Keyboards

From: organfairy

In my student days I couldn't afford a real organ or synth. So I bought some cheap toy keyboards - some of them even second hand - and connected them to an old mixer. One of the keyboards I had fitted with a plug so I could connect it to an old pedal box from a scrapped organ via a thick cable. The song I'm playing is from a Danish Christmas movie and is written by Sven Gyldmark.

Filipino Santa

From: wwwceledecom

Ramon "Baboy" Cocunulag stars in this epic video.

Toy Box

From: kelzuki

Short stop-action movie I made with Emmi this winter. Cute toy piano song by Yann Tiersen.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Time All Over the World

Christmas is celebrated in one way or another all over the world.

Let’s start with the Sammy Davis Jr. song.

Christmas Time All Over the World - Sammy Davis Jr.

From: gretti

This is my very first video! It features Yami singing along with Sammy Davis Jr. to Christmas Time All Over the World.

Christmas in New Zealand

From: simonpauljames

Snoopy's Christmas at Christmas in the Park 2006 Auckland, NZ.

Christmas in China

From: chinajunge

Street performance in Shanghai.

Christmas in Japan

From: sanchome

The Japanese group Stylish Heart performing "All I Want For Christmas" on Christmas Eve 2006 in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan.

Christmas in Brazil

From: b1001b

Natal em Curitiba - Life on the Street

Christmas in South Africa

From: boopsie

Christmas caroling in Capeland, South Africa. I bumped into this while walking around Century City, Capeland.

Christmas in England

From: jimbovikingo

Santas on rollerblades at Christmas skating down Kings Road, Chelsea, London.

Christmas in Russia

From: Timheywood

Singing a Christmas song in Russian.

From: va7bleh

Dancing to Christmas music.

Christmas in Canada

Well, not really! It’s The Twelve Days of Christmas by Bob and Doug MacKenzie.

From: XxRogueAngelxX

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

White Christmas

Here's a couple more videos from lolgirl510. I hope they make some more holiday videos!

White Christmas – The Drifters

A music video shot on location in Crystal Mountain, WA during the summer of 2006. A stirring tale of Nathan Mochizuki who longs for snow. Also starring Lisa and Courtney Hirata. Filmed and edited by April Yee.

We Need a Little Christmas Bloopers Etc.

The second video shows the bloopers from making the "We Need a Little Christmas" video.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

What Is Christmas About?

Christmas for Christians is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Luke 2:8-14 (King James Version)

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Charlie Brown Christmas

From: wteach

Linus explains what Christmas is all about.

Why Christmas Now?

It’s dark this time of year, and cold outside. So, we might get the blues this time of year.

Christmas Blues - Dean Martin

From: Carali1984

Christmas is a time to cheer us up.

We Need a Little Christmas – Percy Faith

Haul out the holly
Put up the tree before my spirit falls again
Fill up the stocking
I may be rushing things, but deck the halls again now

For we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute
Candles in the window
Carols at the spinet

From: lolgirl510

Do You Have to Be Christian to Celebrate Christmas?

No, Christmas is also a nonsectarian holiday. R2D2 and C3PO celebrate it.

A Merry Star Wars Christmas...

From: mranatomy

R2D2 and C3PO sing and get all festive.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Believe - Josh Groban

From The Polar Express.

From: lacus100

Friday, December 07, 2007

Some More Blending Fun

I love “Will it Blend.” It’s fun to watch them destroy items that I would never think of breaking myself.

Will It Blend? - Guitar Hero III

Even though I suck at Guitar Hero III, I still wouldn’t do this to it. It costs too much!

From: Blendtec.

As far as guitar based video games go, Guitar Hero easily cracks the top three. Unfortunately they left the Beach Boys off the game, and you know what that

Will It Blend? - Ice Into Snow

It would be fun to be able to make my own snow. Maybe I should get one of these blenders?

From: Blendtec.

See what happens when a Blendtec blender is loaded with nothing but ice.

Will It Shred? - Pepsi Can

Here someone else does some shredding. I wonder if my shredder can do that? No, on second thought, I wonder if the shredder at work can do that?

From: antoinasia

Got the shredder I really, really wanted for Xmas.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Peanuts Christmas

Snoopy Snow
Originally uploaded by hulubberluhu

One of my favorite Christmas movies is “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Even in 1965, when the movie came out, they talked about the over-commercialization of Christmas. At least we don’t have aluminum Christmas trees anymore. (I hope!)

[Linus knocks on an aluminum Christmas tree, which gives a metallic "clank"]
Linus: This really brings Christmas close to a person.
Charlie Brown: [gazes in amazement] Fantastic.

O Tannenbaum - Vince Guaraldi Trio

From: DJSkyes

Another music video I created, this time using footage from the classic holiday special, "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Once again (and for obvious reasons), I chose the Vince Guaraldi Trio's music.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

From: candlelitdreamz

Video clips of the animated movie, A charlie Brown Christmas, with the songs It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas and We wish you a Merry Christmas.

Snoopy's Christmas - The Royal Guardsmen

From: Krby84

I felt like making a video to go with my mom's favorite Christmas song.

Christmas Time is Here

From: McVincenzo

A home movie using the song. It’s cute the see the kids having fun at Christmas.

Linus and Lucy - Pat Travers

From: theimmelman

A peanuts compilation I made using old Peanuts movie clips I put to a "rock" version of the theme song performed by Pat Travers.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Videos

I have been busy, and have not posted much lately. So here are some Christmas videos, until I think of something else to post.

Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy - David Bowie and Bing Crosby

From: jbearden

Zack Kim - White Christmas

From: ZackKim

Played on two guitars. I can't even play Guitar Hero.

Marshmallow World

From: PortillosGOD

Good video from these guys, from the song sung by Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

Carol of the Bells - Tran Siberian Orchestra

From: emc2kc

Star Trek Christmas

From: ruqsaq

The crew of the Enterprise is returning home for Chrismas... but discover it has been stolen!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Modern Swingers

Yesterday, we talked about The Rat Pack.

It turns out that their act is popular today. There are many modern swingers doing the Rat Pack act.

Les Lankhorst in "The Rat Pack is Back!"

From: lescore67

Les Lankhorst does the Las Vegas show "The Rat Pack is Back!"

Frank Sinatra - Nick Degidio

From: hpzero

Nick Degidio Does Frank Sinatra from the Rat Pack Revue.

The Rat Pack Tribute Show

From: Lasvegasflash

Rat Pack Tribute Show - Royal Talent

This was filmed in Atlantic City at The Tropicana Hotel and Casino. They will be returning in 2008.

Dean Martin Tribute - Bobby Mayo Jr.

From: BobbyMayoJr

Bobby Mayo Jr. can do both Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra Tribute - Bobby Mayo Jr.

From: BobbyMayoJr

Rat Pack Tribute Show - Old Navy

From: robotopian

At Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

One Guy Impersonating the Entire Rat Pack

From: SINGwithNICK

And this guy does the entire Rat Pack.

And we can’t forget this guy.

Introducing "Hank Sinatra"

From: howvideo

Lounge Lizard "Hank Sinarta" is looking to steal a little love.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Rat Pack

Keeping with our theme of sixties swingers, there was The Rat Pack. They performed in Vegas and in movies, and included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr.

EE-O-LEVEN - Sammy Davis Jr.

From: gosinka555

This contains footage from the Rat Pack film "Ocean's 11" (1960).

You Make Me Feel so Young - Frank Sinatra

From: alexsneesby

This video features photos of The Rat Pack.

Ain’t That a Kick in the Head - Dean Martin

From: pjnoodles

The video includes some photos of the gang.

Mr. Bojangles - Sammy Davis Jr.

From: pjnoodles

The video includes photos of Sammy and the gang.

Here’s a couple of the skits/monologues from the Vegas days.

Dean Martin Live Part 1

From: JEFFYjackass

Dean Martin Live Part 2

From: JEFFYjackass

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In

Dan Rowan and Dick Martin of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In were a staple of sixties TV. What a bunch of swingers!

The following videos are from: ruedydude

Opening - Quickies

This includes the opening with Dan and Dick.

What sixties swinger would be complete without the Cocktail Party?

Cocktail Party 1

Cocktail Party 2

And in the end, we hear from Dan and Dick again.

Ending Jokes

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Swinger Dean Martin

Ah, good old Dean Martin. In the sixties he was part of the Rat Pack, performing in Las Vegas. Later on, he starred on the comedy-variety series, The Dean Martin Show.

Ain't That A Kick In The Head

From: MrsDinoCrocetti

From the original "Ocean's Eleven" movie.

Everybody Loves Somebody

From: kheisler07

I Love Vegas

From: craigbarter

From the Rat Pack days.

In the Cool of the Evening

From: MrsDinoCrocetti

That’s Amore

From: SpykerX

Dean Martin & Goldie Hawn

A comedy clip with the two of them.

From: MrNatashaRostov

The Ballad of Tom Jones

Yesterday I talked about Tom Jones. It turns out that someone wrote a song about him. Here it is! Cerys Matthews sang "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Tom Jones.

The Ballad of Tom Jones – Space featuring Cerys Matthews

From: punkrockfuneral

Here's the Chorus to the song:

You stopped us from killing each other
Tom Jones, Tom Jones
You'll never know but you saved our lives
Tom Jones, Tom Jones

I could never throw my knickers at you

And I don't come from Wales

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Swinging Tom Jones

Next on our list of swingers is Tom Jones. I can’t even think of Tom Jones without thinking of his signature song:

It's Not Unusual

From: shelljb

Tom Jones had a number of hits in the sixties. And he still plays in Vegas. You go, Tom!

She's a Lady

From: Samanosuke2

Raise Your Hand - Tom Jones with Janis Joplin

From: ephemeralfilm

What's New Pussycat?

From: tomjonesdvd

Help Yourself

From: TopTJFan

Tom was great in “Mars Attacks.” This video is dubbed in Spanish. What they are saying is:

Tom Jones: Girls, get out! There's a Martian right behind me!

Danny DeVito: You're Tom Jones! "It Ain't Unusual." Can I get your autograph? Anybody got a pen?

Mars Attacks!

From: Laurijapo

He’s still making music today.

Stoned In Love - Chicane featuring Tom Jones

From: exsssss

And to finish this off, here’s one for the cold weather. It’s cold outside.

Baby It's Cold Outside - Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews

From: USAsoccer2010

Friday, November 09, 2007

Swinger Austin Powers

Yesterday, we talked about being a sixties swinger. Here is an example of a typical swinger. In Austin Powers'
case, he is a character played by Mike Myers. Austin is a throwback to the sixties, and fits in better back then.

Austin Powers Intro

From: piranhamatt2

This is the intro with credits and such for the first Austin Powers movie.

Austin Powers Plays Blackjack

From: blitzpc

Austin Powers hits the blackjack tables in Las Vegas.

Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach in Austin Powers 2

From: timmmeyyy

Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach's "I'll never fall in Love again" in Austin Powers 2.

Incense and Peppermint - Strawberry Alarm Clock

From: mdnsmo

Incense and Peppermint by Strawberry alarm clock (video clip extracted from Austin Powers 1 & 3).

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Be a Swinger This Fall

The days are shorter. It’s getting colder. The rain is coming back. Time to spend more time indoors, but doing what? Besides reading my blog, of course. :) Well, how about being a swinger? No, not that kind of swinger. The kind from the sixties, a hipster, or maybe even a beatnik.

Like this guy:

Or this guy:

Bond, James Bond
Originally uploaded by Heather F

So, what am I talking about, exactly? Well, be sophisticated, but have a little fun. And what should a swinger do for fun?

To start with, you need the right music. You can try Swinging Pop Standards (like the Rat Pack). Or, if that is not to your liking, there is Silk Radio/. Or, you can Build Your Own listen to a few channels.

Now, what to drink? How about a martini or cocktail? If you don’t drink, make it without alcohol.

Originally uploaded by cowfish

Okay, you got the music, you got a drink. Now what? You can watch a movie. Any of the James Bond movies from the sixties would work. Or Ocean's Eleven or Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.

If you don’t feel like watching a movie, then play some poker. You can play Texas Hold'Em for free at: If you see me there, you can watch me lose. :)

We’ll wrap this up with a song from Old Blue Eyes.

My Way - Frank Sinatra

From: LongLivePakistan

Saturday, November 03, 2007

How We Met

From: A touching tale of how two lovers found their heart! A stickman and stickwoman on are drawn on bodies to tell the tale. How cute!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Time to Get Up!

The cat is hungry. Time to get up and feed the cat!

From: mcq6. "'Wake Up Cat' is by an English animator called Simon Tofield and it is actually called 'Cat Man Do'. He works for an animation company called Tandem Films."

Sunday, October 21, 2007

How Some Popular Movies Should Have Ended

Some more videos from

How Star Wars Episode IV Should Have Ended

How Dead Man's Chest Should Have Ended

How The Matrix Should Have Ended

How The Lord Of The Rings Should Have Ended

Of course, if the movies did end this way, why bother seeing them?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

How to Survive an Alien Attack

Here's a good safety tip, kids! offers some advice on what to do if you are attacked by space invaders.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween Fun

10-13-07 Halloween Party 057
Originally uploaded by scully_kel

Here's all the posts I have so far on spooky, halloween fun.


50 States, 50 Songs

I decided to come up with a list of 50 songs, one for each state in the United States. I did not want to use state college songs, or official state songs, but songs with the state name in the title. Barring that, I also picked songs with the state or a city of that state in the song title or lyrics, or a band with the state name. If I still couldn’t think of a song, I picked a band from that state.

Here’s what I came up with!

Alabama - Georgia
Hawaii - Maryland
Massachusetts - New Jersey
New Mexico - South Carolina
South Dakota - Wyoming

Alabama - Georgia


Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd


North to Alaska - Johnny Horton


Arizona - Mark Lindsay


Jim Dandy to the Rescue - Black Oak Arkansas


Hotel California - The Eagles


Rocky Mountain High – John Denver

But the Colorado Rocky Mountain high
I've seen it raining fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullaby
Rocky Mountain high.


Rainy Days and Mondays - The Carpenters

The Carpenters are from New Haven, Connecticut.


Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood & The Destroyers

George Thorogood is from Wilmington, Delaware.


Miami – Will Smith


The Devil Went Down to Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band

To the top
Alabama - Georgia
Hawaii - Maryland
Massachusetts - New Jersey
New Mexico - South Carolina
South Dakota - Wyoming

Hawaii - Maryland


Blue Hawaii – Elvis


Private Idaho – The B-52's


The Night Chicago Died – Paper Lace


Indiana Wants Me - R Dean Taylor


Iowa - Dar Williams

This video is a cover of the Dar Williams song. From: shuber.


Carry On Wayward Son – Kansas


Kentucky Woman - Neil Diamond


The House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know I'm one.


Rain - Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin is from Old Town, Maine.


Maryland - Vonda Shepard

To the top
Alabama - Georgia
Hawaii - Maryland
Massachusetts - New Jersey
New Mexico - South Carolina
South Dakota - Wyoming

Massachusetts - New Jersey


Massachusetts – The Bee Gees


Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is from Michigan.


Love Is All Around - Sonny Curtis

The theme song to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, a TV sitcom about Mary Richards’ life in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Mississippi Queen – Mountain


Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils are a band from Springfield, Missouri.


Nobody's Perfect - Hannah Montana


Me and You and a Dog Named Boo - Lobo

I can still recall, the wheat fields of St Paul
And the morning we got caught robbing from an old hen
Old McDonald he made us work,
But then he paid us for what it was worth
Another tank of gas and back on the road again.


I Love Vegas - Dean Martin

New Hampshire

Science Fiction / Double Feature - The Dresden Dolls

Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls is from Greenville, New Hampshire.

New Jersey

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is from New Jersey.

To the top
Alabama - Georgia
Hawaii - Maryland
Massachusetts - New Jersey
New Mexico - South Carolina
South Dakota - Wyoming