Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Star Wars Holiday Special

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I never watched this when I was young; I think I was busy that night, maybe watching Happy Days, or One Day at a Time. :)

For more information on the special, go to Wikipedia.

If you don’t want to watch the whole show, or you just want to get an idea about what it was about, here it is in five minutes.

The Two-Hour Star Wars Holiday Special in only Five Minutes!


Happy Holidays 2007! The Late Night Explosion is proud to present, from 1978, The two-hour Star Wars Holiday Special cut down to five festive minutes. Happy Life Day!

Here is the “short” version of Star Wars Holiday Special from CommanderCyclops.

Star Wars Holiday Special: Now with subtitled Wookie dialog! Bea Arthur/Harvey Korman/Jefferson Starship free!

This aired once, and only once, in 1978. I added in all those subtitles myself, so try to imagine long scenes of wookies just grunting at each other, plus lots of other time wasters that dragged it out to two hours. You can probably find the full version somewhere on YouTube if you really want to torture yourself.

Star Wars Holiday Special-short version part 1 of 7

Part 2 of 7

Part 3 of 7

Part 4 of 7

Part 5 of 7

Part 6 of 7

Part 7 of 7

If you do want to torture yourself, and see the whole two hours of the special, it is on YouTube. Here is Part 5/10 of the whole special. It includes the song by Jefferson Starship.

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