Friday, December 07, 2007

Some More Blending Fun

I love “Will it Blend.” It’s fun to watch them destroy items that I would never think of breaking myself.

Will It Blend? - Guitar Hero III

Even though I suck at Guitar Hero III, I still wouldn’t do this to it. It costs too much!

From: Blendtec.

As far as guitar based video games go, Guitar Hero easily cracks the top three. Unfortunately they left the Beach Boys off the game, and you know what that

Will It Blend? - Ice Into Snow

It would be fun to be able to make my own snow. Maybe I should get one of these blenders?

From: Blendtec.

See what happens when a Blendtec blender is loaded with nothing but ice.

Will It Shred? - Pepsi Can

Here someone else does some shredding. I wonder if my shredder can do that? No, on second thought, I wonder if the shredder at work can do that?

From: antoinasia

Got the shredder I really, really wanted for Xmas.

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