Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Fun Music

So, what do these videos have in common? They’re all about Christmas, they mostly use synthesizer keyboards, and some use stop motion. And they all are fun!

Deck Them Halls

From: Dosswerks

I put a lot of work into programming this rendition of the Mannheim Steamroller version of "Deck The Halls", and I performed this live a couple of years ago on the legendary Casio AZ-1, so I figured I would try to make the best possible version of the performance and cast it into cyberspace. There's a cameo appearance by Thomas Dolby playing the same instrument. Can you spot him?

I Can't Believe it's Christmas

From: GiR2007

James Provan presents...
A stop motion music video about Christmas.

So, I have finished University for Christmas, and I finally had the time to make a new video. No robot voice this time, instead I asked my friend Rachel for help, and she sang in the video! She is a very good singer.

Song was written by me, all of the filming and stop motion, as well as editing was done by me. Rachel helped with some lyrics too =)

Special thanks to my family for putting up with cameras everywhere, and for dancing like idiots =)

"Julebal i Nissebal" - on Two CASIO Toy Keyboards

From: organfairy

In my student days I couldn't afford a real organ or synth. So I bought some cheap toy keyboards - some of them even second hand - and connected them to an old mixer. One of the keyboards I had fitted with a plug so I could connect it to an old pedal box from a scrapped organ via a thick cable. The song I'm playing is from a Danish Christmas movie and is written by Sven Gyldmark.

Filipino Santa

From: wwwceledecom

Ramon "Baboy" Cocunulag stars in this epic video.

Toy Box

From: kelzuki

Short stop-action movie I made with Emmi this winter. Cute toy piano song by Yann Tiersen.

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