Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ask Paul McCartney

Do you want to talk to Paul? With the release of the new album, “Memory Almost Full,” they have a feature on the web “You Tell Me.” Ask the simulation of Paul questions, and see short videos of the answers.

A lot of questions he will not know the answer.

“Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that.”

“No, I can’t answer that question.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand that question.”

“I haven’t really got an answer for that.”

Singing while playing the guitar, “I don’t know, the answer to that question, the answer to that question, I don’t know.”

You will get a response for:

- Tell me about the new album.

- Memory almost full.

- How did Wings start?

- How did The Beatles start?

- Sing a song.

- Dance tonight. (A song off the new album.)

- Tell me a joke.

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