Friday, September 28, 2007

May You Live In Interesting Times

We dream of going to exotic places, and meeting exciting people. And songs have been written. But just like real life, sometimes the best place to be, is the place that we are already at.

The Year of the Cat – Al Stewart

A man goes to a faraway place, and meets a woman. This song has a happy ending. When is the next year of the Cat? If it is the same as the year of the Tiger, then we just need to wait until 2010!

Hollywood Nights – Bob Seger

In this song, a man goes to California, meets a woman, but she leaves him in the end.

Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers

For the ultimate in exotic locations and women, there is the secret agent man.

I've Never Been To Me – Charlene

This song is from the viewpoint of a woman. She has seen the world, but never had time to raise a family.


Will said...

Hi! You may have a future in one line song or movie reviews! I have only visited you site a few times, but I like your take on things.

I wonder how old "Charlene" is? Or how old the song is? There may still be time. I have not seen the world, but raised 2 and working on the third children. For me, I'll take the children over the travel.


chaosgone said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like my writing.

For info on Charlene, go to wikipedia:

chaosgone said...