Saturday, April 18, 2009

It’s Not Worth “Knowing”

I felt like seeing a movie today, so I went and saw Nicolas Cage’s latest movie “Knowing.” I did not read the review first, but the trailer looked cool.

It was not worth seeing the movie. Some of the special effects were cool, like the plane crash and the subway crash. And the fire scene at the end was cool, too. (Okay, the last video was not actually from the movie, but you get the idea.)

The idea of the movie was that a girl wrote down on paper 50 years ago a list of numbers containing the dates and death tolls of every major disaster for the next 50 years. But how did the kid know? The list is put into a time capsule, which is opened 50 years later. Nicolas’ son brings move the list from school, and Nicolas figurers out what the numbers mean. And only three events are left. Then what happens? The end of the world?

Where did the numbers come from the in first place? The girl heard the numbers in her head. From whom? In the current time, the same people are talking to Nicolas’ son. What are they? Angels? Aliens? They sort of remind me of these guys:

I’m watching the movie, and hoping that Nicolas figures out what the last disaster on the list is, and how to stop it. Well, he figures it out, but it is the end of the world, so he can’t stop that. Oh no! So what was the point of the list? “You’re gonna die; we just wanted you to know.”

Well, not exactly. The aliens/angels which can tell the future, know the world is going to end. And they want to save some of us. (And some rabbits, it seems.) But they can only take children on their space ship for some reason. The list, and talking to the children, was a way to get them to the place where the space ship would be. They could not just take the children; that would not be nice. They had talk in their heads, to make them want to go with them.

How is that better? Making the kids think they are crazy? (After all, they started doing this 50 years early for some reason.) But that’s aliens for you.

The movie just did not have much of a point to it. It was a waste of my time and money.

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