Friday, May 25, 2007

Terminator TV Series, Part 2

The trailer for "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" was taken off YouTube. Apparently, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. did not want the free publicity.

No problem, there is plenty of information on the web about this new TV show.

You can find the same video that was on Youtube on Google.

According to Wikipedia, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles is an American television series scheduled for debut on the U.S. television network Fox in early 2008.”

IMDB has an entry.

And, you can see clips from the show on Fox.

I’m looking forward to it!


Unit92 said...

Damn, either it's good and Fox cancels it after 5 episodes or it's horrible, goes on for 15 seasons and Summer Glau's career is forever ruined.

chaosgone said...

LOL. Good point. That is the usual way that SF shows go.

jaklumen said...

I hope that it will be an exception to the rule.