Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hogan’s Heroes

I used to watch this show all the time as a kid. I still find it funny.

From wikipedia:

The show took place at Stalag 13, a POW camp located near the town of Hammelburg, run by the Luftwaffe for captured airmen. Although there was a real-life Stalag 13 near Hammelburg (formally known as Stalag XIII-C Hammelburg/Mainfranken), the one in Hogan's Heroes was entirely fictional.

The show's premise was that the POWs were actually active war participants, using the camp as a base of operations for Allied espionage and sabotage against the Nazis. The "prisoners" could leave and return almost at will via a secret network of tunnels and had radio contact with Allied command. They were aided by the incompetence of the camp commandant Colonel Klink and his aide Sergeant Schultz; Hogan would routinely manipulate the incompetent Klink and get Schultz to look the other way while his men conducted secret operations.

Here are some of the highlights from the show.

Carter imitating Hitler

From: chiraag87 "This is the scene in "Will the real Adolf please stand up", where Sgt Carter Imitates Hitler to fool Klink, Schultz, and even Burkhalter."

Rebuilding the German Aircraft Engine

From: numloxx. "Hogan and the boys steal a new silent aircraft engine, and are in the process of rebuilding it when they have some parts left over."

Clips From Krzysiobeatles2

To The Gestapo With Love

From: puppyluvr2828. "A shorter version of the episode from Hogan's Heroes. I had to cut a lot out because when I finally finished it, it was way over 10 minutes long, so I had to shorten it. Hope you enjoy it!"

Carter's Rabbit Trap

From: puppyluvr2828. This is little bits from one of the episodes called "Klink Vs. The Gonculator." Hogan and everyone else are asked to get an underground agent out of germany and escape to England. Hogan can't figure out a way to do that until he sees Carter's Rabbit Trap. The plan works out just fine! Hope you enjoy! Sorry the quality is bad. I tried."

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