Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gordon Freeman calls Coast to Coast AM

This is funny. I don't play Half-Life, but Gordon Freeman is a character from that game.

Coast to Coast AM covers all sorts of conspiracies. To be a good talk show host in that case, you must allow people to talk about all sorts of things, without making judgments about the people calling.

George Noory does a good job of that. Did he realize that the call was a joke? Probably not, but it sounded good, so he ran with it. It is fun to listen to his radio show.

From: Clownblood

From Saturday morning, January 19, 2008. Someone posing as Freeman calls in on open lines. George Noory is apparently oblivious.

NOTE: To eliminate any confusion, I was not the one to call in. God bless the person that did though.

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