Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Next, Battlestar?

They found Earth. And it is a irradiated, burned out ball. The ending reminded me of the ending of season 2. Another worthless planet to colonize. But they got out of that situation, so I'm sure they will get out of this one.

There are 8 episodes to go. What happens next?

Here are some topics that I hope they cover in the final 8 episodes.

The Cylon Home World

What is life like on the Cylon home world? Are there more types of Cylons then the ones we have seen so far? What do Cylons do when they are not at war? Do the human Cylons keep separate from the Centurions?

The History of the Cylons

The humans made the Centurions, but who made the other models? Is there a Cylon construction class? Who made the 12 Cylon humans, and programmed them? Who told them to not look for the the final five? Who made the Resurrection Hub?

Differences Between Humans and Cylons

How are the 12 Cylon humans actually different from us? How come they can do things we can’t, but we can’t tell them apart from us? There should be physical differences in the 12 Cylons:
  • Their spine turns red when they have sex. What does this?
  • They can be resurrected. What part of their body sends the information in their brain back to the resurrection ship?

Oh, and what did happen to Earth?

I don't expect that all of these questions will be answered. But these are the sort of things that I focus on in the series. I'm not that worried about whether Laura Roslin is cured of cancer, or what happens between Starbuck and Apollo; I want to know the back story of the Cylons. Oh well, maybe that will be covered in the new series.

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