Friday, July 10, 2009

The Cabonauts

A new Science Fiction web series is coming later this year, on DailyMotion. It's called The Cabonauts.

From their web site:

It’s 2183 AD and humans have finally conquered the stars. But the inky blackness that separates the galaxies and the hundreds of thousands of human outposts and colonies is vast and needs a firm hand to navigate. Which is why Cabonauts Inc. is so handy—you can just call a cab.

Harry’s learning to get his hack license and Cyril is his instructor. They’ve been friends forever, but the crappy economy has forced them to work together. We follow them as they take their passengers (played by iconic sci-fi actors & actresses) around the galaxies.

And did we mention each episode breaks into a full original song & music video?

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Also, Nichelle Nichols of the original Star Trek has joined the cast!

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