Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cardboard Furniture

What a cool idea! I need a new couch; maybe I should make one out of cardboard.

Gomi Style - DIY Cardboard Furniture Reuse Design

From: h2oboy1

Learn how to make cool functional furniture with cardboard! Gomi Style is a DIY lifestyle and design show created by San Francisco Bay Area makers, artists and engineers using found objects, recycled materials, and technology.

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Anonymous said...

The cardboard box changed the world, but that was 150 years ago. Since then this fabulously versatile material has enjoyed a modest press, but in the environmentally sensitive, cost-conscious world of 2010 its time may have come.

This spring cardboard future launch a range of fun and practical furniture products for the home and office made entirely of pristine corrugated board designed and built in England to mirror the mood of the times.