Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Disgusting Sink

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As I was cleaning my eye glasses in the sink at work, I realized that I was using the Disgusting Sink. And then after this, I was going to put them on my face? Oh well.

You are probably thinking that I am talking about a restroom sink. Actually, no. The Disgusting People do not bother to wash their hands, so that sink is safe to use. I am talking about the sink by the microwaves. The Disgusting People do not bother to wash their dishes either; they rinse them with water, and assume that the leftovers from their lunch well be washed down the sink, which they won’t, since the sink has no garbage disposal. You can look in the sink after lunch, and see what people had for lunch. Yuck!

So, the restroom sink is the safe sink to use? Well, now that I think of it, the Clean People brush and floss their teeth after eating anything, so by looking in that sink, you can see what they ate. Yuck!

I think I will clean my glasses at home.

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