Friday, March 07, 2008

Dancing! Everything Else is Bull Sh*t!

How can you be sad while you’re dancing? (Well, if you dance like me…) Anyway, get up and dance! It’s good exercise.

Mark Gomez, The Leather Man, shows his moves in the movie “Thank God It's Friday.”

Chick Vennera

From: FilmExposure

Where did he learn his moves? Probably from this guy.

You can safely skip this video, and go to the next one.

Learn Disco Dance

From: stereoraadio

And here’s a remix.

Learn Disco Dance Remix

From: DieselPlanet

We thought that it was time to commemorate this disco demi-god of sexuality which is Aarlf Smaks and embrace the world of celebrity endorsement, all wrapped up in a special dance lesson remix. Enjoy. And let it be a lesson to you.

Abba can dance.

Dancing Queen – Abba

From: deuceWalters

Leo Sayer can dance.

Long Tall Glasses – Leo Sayer

From: pebsypete

David Lee Roth can dance.

Dance the Night Away – Van Halen

From: shootoguy

Even ducks like to dance.

Disco Duck - Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots

From: gusstillrocks

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