Monday, May 12, 2008

Glukoza Nostra

Some cool videos, in Russian. I like the animation.

I got the following information from their website, at:

“Glukoza Nostra" is a play on the mafia phrase "La Cosa Nostra," meaning "Our thing."

Natasha Ionova, the lead singer, was born in Moscow, and “Finished high school, but with little zeal.” The other band members are Artyom Semyenkovich [Solo-Guitar], Denis Viskunov [Hawaiian Guitar], Kirill Savichyev [Drums], Vladimir "Kitten" Gorovyenko [Keyboard], and Anton Limyerev [stick-bass].

From: fikarcX

Music videos from, with subtitles made by the group.

Schweine (Pigs)

Great video! The Nazi-like pigs against the good guys.

Nenavizhu (I Hate)

Hmm. I don’t think she likes you.

Nevesta (Bride)

She’s interested in another guy. And, she will get him, no matter what.

Svadba (Wedding)

A typical white wedding. With dancing girls, and tanks.

Oi, Oi (That Is The Love Between Us)

Here’s what the band looks like.

Sneg Idot (It Snows)

This video does not have subtitles. The translation follows the video.

From: invoclass

A taxi, like kittens, purred next to my feet
And on the cellphone I hear a loud dial tone
And I don't know what to say
It's possible that I truly love you

And it snows, and it snows
On my cheeks it beats, it beats
I'm very sick - a temperature
I stand and wait for you like a fool
I caught snowflakes in my mouth, very nicely
A cool evening, nothing to do,
There, where you are not
And it snows

And the entire road up to you isn't explored

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