Thursday, February 26, 2009

Foreign Songs

The Internet is a great place to find new music. At sites like youtube, dailymotion, and accuradio, you can find popular songs in other languages. Some foreign songs I like just because I don't know the words. If I am working, I can listen to them, and not and not lose my concentration by paying attention to the words. Others I like, because the videos are fun to watch.

This one is in Japanese. Some of the words are in English, which helps. It's a happy song, and the video shows the Japanese way to go to the Moon: first, give it an atmosphere we can breathe, then go! I talked about this song in the past.

The next two are in Russian.

Glukoza Nostra makes good videos for their songs. This one is a take-off of the Matrix and World of Warcraft. I talked about this group before.

I like to think of Valery Meladze as a Russian Tom Jones. ViaGra is an all-girl group. I talked about them back in 2007.

This song (German) was a big hit in the eighties.

Don't what they're singing? No problem! The song was popular enough that they released an English version.

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