Friday, August 03, 2007

Russian Music Videos

I found most of these on I do not speak Russian; but I find these songs fun to listen to, even if I do not know the words.

“Byl Odyn Paren” by The Singing Guitars

Beat music from the sixties.

Here’s an attempt at a translation, using the google translation, and a little editing.

There was a boy who like me he loved The Beatles and The Rolling Stones
He always toured the world to sing the pretty things of America
He was not beautiful but exactly thus he had a thousand girls
If he sang “Help” and “Ticket to Ride” or “Lady Jane” or “Yesterday”
He sang alive to the freedom, but a letter without waiting
Of his guitar it separated it, he is called in America.
Stop! With Rolling Stones, stop! with Beatles songs.
Errand was to Vietnam, to fight the Vietcongs.

Ta tá ra ta tá…

He was a boy who like me loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones
He toured the world but it finished, making the war in Vietnam
Long hair do not use more, it does not touch its guitar and yes
An instrument that always gives to the same note ra-tá-tá-tá
It does not have friends, it does not see girls, people deceased only fall to the soil
To its country it will not come back, therefore he is died in Vietnam.
Stop! With Rolling Stones, stop! with Beatles songs
In the chest a heart does not have, but two medals yes.

Ta tá-ra ta tá…
Ra-tá-tá-tá tá-t

“Bez suety” by Valery Meladze

Georgian singer Meladze. He has a myspace page:

“Ocean” by Via Gra & Valeriy Meladze

“Someone Awaits” by Aleksey Vishnya

Russian music video from late 80s early 90s, full of scenes of that time Russia’s everyday life. In the end of this video are some kids playing. If we in the US were shown this video, would we have been so worried about the Russians? After all, their kids are just like ours!

“Osennaja Autumnal” by DDT

A mellow song.

“2 Wars” by Slot

A good alternative rock song. The official website for this band is:


From Georgia. The lyrics are about a train leaving the station and the different characters riding the train.

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