Thursday, August 02, 2007

Other Blogs, Part 2

This is a wrap-up of what I started yesterday. I looked at the various blogs that were posted to the site Here are some more blogs I found there.

Original Artwork

A blog of Original Art by Lisa-Marie. I like the painting “I Spy Supper.”

Tales from the Tree

This is a interesting concept. The first chapter of this novel is free to read online. Subsequent chapters are made available as the writer gets enough Diggs for the current chapter. Today, there is 8 out the 25 Diggs (for chapter two) needed before the writer releases chapter 3.

Trading Tips

Want to trade stocks? Lots of tips here.

Owning a Store In Second Life

You can actually make money in Second Life? Some people do.

Starbucks Coffee Just Went Up 9 Cents Per Cup

This, and other news at “CEO Smack.”

Mini Boat

A Mini Cooper that runs in the water.

Majestic Bridge

A very peaceful image of a bridge in the fog.

Dugg or Not?

This utility allows you to view stories which have been submitted to Digg by particular users. Simply type in the user name and hit search.

"No Heat" Technical News

Their recent post, “Get Dugg with five words” is worth a read.

All About Oracle Applications

If you use Oracle, this is the blog for you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chaosgone

Thanks for the link to duggornot.

Paul (duggornot creator)

chaosgone said...

You're welcome! That is a cool site.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Your blog is cool too - I just added it to my favourites.


Paul said...

Hey Chaosgone

I see from my logs that you're a regular visitor - thanks for that.

You may have noticed that I have now integrated the two utilities that I built on

Now you can view comments that you have made on Digg as well as your story submissions...more useful stuff coming soon.

Let me know if you have any feedback on usability etc.

chaosgone said...

You're going to add more useful stuff to it? Cool!

Anonymous said...

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