Saturday, August 11, 2007

Credit Card Skins

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Are you bored with the way your credit card looks? Pretty plain, isn’t it? Well, dress it up with a credit card skin, a thin sticker to apply to your credit card. If you are creative, you can design one yourself.

You will need:

· 3M spray mount. ($3.00 at Michaels. Use spray mount, not poster mount.)
· Credit card. (Free and plentiful.)
· Knitting needles. (You can also use something pointy yet soft.)
· X-Acto knife. ($10.00)
· Premium T-shirt transfer paper. ($10 at Michaels. Don't waste your time with the junk they sell at Staples -- go for the high-end stuff.)
· Iron.
· Adobe Photocrap or similar image-editing software.
· Color inkjet printer. (Laser printers will melt the paper.)

You can find the complete instructions at:

If you don’t want to create one yourself, you can buy a credit card skin at, but the designs are limited.

If you don’t want to design a skin, or buy one, a credit card is about the same size as an artist's trading card. Try looking through the Flickr ATC group to see if you can find a design you like.


nick said...

I wouldn't say that credit cards are free :-| Cool idea though, might as well look at something pretty while you charge you paycheck away.

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chaosgone said...

Thanks for stopping by! At least, it might take a little of the pain out of using a credit card. :)

TheTruth said...

They've got some new designs at These are the guys who started the trend of credit card skins.