Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cover Bands

Here's a good article on cover bands. Also known as tribute bands, they play the music of a famous rock group.

Tribute bands and the quest to be as good as the real thing

By Erica Febré

For the members of most tribute bands, the desire to be Van Halen, The Ramones or U2 started with a live performance.

Several band members remember being wowed by their idols and then saddened when those bands either stopped performing live or stopped performing in the area.

“When we started it, Van Halen wasn’t doing anything and there weren’t a lot of Van Halen tributes playing any Sammy Hagar material,” said Zander Carlson with Balance, a Van Halen tribute band. “I also wanted to build an Eddie Van Halen guitar and figured if I built the guitar then we had to play it too.”

“We didn’t start this to be the next Ramones. It was almost out of respect, like this is something that we should do to keep it alive for the people that love it just as much as we do,” said Bobby Ramoniac with The Ramoniacs, a Ramones tribute.

“Some of us here still remember The Ramones. It’s a place for the Ramones fans to get back together. But we’re also doing it for the people that missed what we were fortunate enough to see,” Bobby said.

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