Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Other Blogs

There is a site called, that allows you to post your blog. I found all of the following blogs by looking over what had been posted there. Check it out, maybe some of these will interest you.

RoboCup 2007 Atlanta

Here is an article about the RoboCup 2007 competition that was held at the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta. I like robots, so this sounded pretty cool.

Random Facts about Johnny Depp

For everything about Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp Obsessions is the place for you.

Finding the New Me

One person’s journey through weight loss.

Free “Powered by Ubuntu” Stickers

As a kid, I loved stickers. It didn’t matter what the sticker was, it was still fun to get them. If you are using Ubuntu Linux, or want to pretend that you do, you can make your inner child happy by getting some free Ubuntu stickers.

Crayon Physics

Here’s a cool game. You play with crayons and physics.

Expanded Universe Short Story Competition

Do you watch the TV show “Jericho”? This blog is all about that. Copywrite Ink is having a writing contest. You write a short story about something happening in the expanded universe of Jericho with the original characters.

80+ File Hosting and Sharing Sites

Here’s a big list of on-line sites for storing your files.

How to Know Whether You Are Ready to Have Kids...

A test you can take, to make sure you are ready. :)

Why It is Hard to Admit Being Wrong

That’s a good question!

Sony’s New Razor-thin Display

Cool! A video display as thin as paper.

The Mixed Martial Arts Resource Blog

They have informative videos on how to defend yourself.

Detoxifying the body, a 10 day Vegan Diet Experience

One person’s experience of being a Vegan for 10 consecutive days.

10 Things to Do When You Have Nothing Else to Blog About

Got writer’s block? These tips will help you find something to blog about!

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