Thursday, August 23, 2007

Denied 3

“Hi, Chaosgone! What are you reading?”

     “I’m reading the rules for Adfriendly, about what are considered invalid clicks.”

“Good idea. So you don’t get banned again? You should have read that for Adfun, too.”

     “Yeah, but they are so wordy.”

Adfun Rules

You agree to not have invalid clicks on the ads.

Examples of Invalid Clicks

1. Self.
2. Friends.
3. Neighbors.
4. Family members.
5. Anyone else you know.
6. Anyone who reads your blog.
7. The people in that Rupert Holmes song. *

* The People You Never Get to Love

Examples of Valid Clicks

• Click here and we will email the name of the person who is allowed to click on the ads, once we figure out who that is.

     “That doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Wait a minute. If the send you the name of the person who is allowed to click on your ads, then you will know the person.”

     “Yeah? So?”

“Well, then based on #5, they could not click on the ads, either.”

     “What?! Then what’s the point of having ads on my blog?”

“That’s what I keep trying to tell you.”

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