Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bad Day at the Office

Photo by Duchamp.

You wake up on a sidewalk. Your head hurts; you don’t want to move.

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography.

You decide to get up, and notice the writing on your palm.

Photo by lwb10463.

Something about the writing helps you remember. It is urgent; you must get back to the laboratory.

Photo by DanielKHC.

You enter the old building. What are you searching for?

Photo by DanielKHC.

What has happened here? You try to remember.

Photo by ~EvidencE~.

You find the tape. You head to the roof, and put it in the machine.

As you listen the tape, it starts to come back to you: you must stop the monster!

Photo by andrew nicholas.

But…the monster

At least, that’s what I think this song is about.

The Horror - RJD2

From: dark420bishop

RJD2 aka Ramble Jon Krohn's "The Horror" music video from "Little Movies Big Noises." This song is from the album Dead Ringer (2002).

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