Thursday, January 17, 2008

Funny Weather People

The people who tell us the weather reports usually do so in an official way. But, not always.

Funny Weather

It can be hard to keep your cool while giving the news. I don’t know German, but she seems to be laughing over when the weather map changed to the other commentator for a split second.

From: SaSuKeONaRuTo

Weatherman With Green Tie on Green Screen

How do you do the weather reports on TV? You use a
blue or green screen to mix two images together. (The weather person, and the weather images.) If you wear a green tie with a green screen, then you get funny results.

From: js6751

Weather Man Dancing

Why just tell the weather report? Let’s dance!

From: imdamaverick

Whose Weather Is It Anyway?

From: wusa9newsnow

Greg Proops visits W*USA 9 and takes over the weather "playhouse" to deliver the weather like we've always wanted it.

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