Saturday, August 02, 2008


How do they like the hot summer?

Maybe they are sad.

From: etexac

A slide show I made using panda pics and set to Gary Jules' song Mad World.Ok, I never expected this many views, but to add some info about the video...I was dating a girl around the time I made the video, we lived a couple hours apart and she would always joke around and say that she was a sad panda whenever I had to leave to go back home.She also loved to play the piano, and once played this song. So I took the two and made the video.

Maybe they are having fun.

From: mywebbie

The best place to visit the pandas is definitely ChengDu. Chengdu is describe as the City of Pandas. We visited where it has the biggest panda research center and you really get to see the pandas up close. The weather was pretty cooling, so the pandas were out playing and lazying around. Enjoy!

Maybe they have alergies.

From: lthyen

But while we are watching them, maybe they are watching us!

From: 3inchbees

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