Friday, August 15, 2008

A "Star Wars" Movie I Don’t Want to See

I usually look forward to Science Fiction movie sequels, even if they get bad reviews. But after what George Lucas has done the Star Wars in the past, I am listening to the bad reviews this time around, and I think I will skip watching “Clone Wars.”

I never liked the original movie “Star Wars” renamed “Episode IV - A New Hope;” why not call it episode 1 of the original trilogy? And why even make the prequel trilogy? Once we were given the characters in the first three movies, I wanted to see more movies about them.

I liked the Timothy Zahn books in the Thrawn trilogy and the subsequent Star Wars books. Why doesn’t George Lucas make new movies about what happens after the original trilogy? I would go see those movies.

Here are some of the reviews of the new movie:

Dear George Lucas: Stop ruining 'Star Wars'!

Ain't It Cool News retracts 'Clone Wars' review

'Star Wars': Game Over

I think I will just watch the Clone Wars animated TV series on YouTube instead.

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